STE|Warlords is a new story driven game with freeroam inventory and much more I hope to bring to it I give no promises as I am not a full dev I just know how to design maps and build the basics of a game with premade stuff as this being said if I look like a content flipper its because I have limited resources and plan fully in the future if I get cash from this project to put those funds into expanding my content I get for my future games and even maybe put abit into it my self if my work become greater anyway.

as of now theres no copy you can play but this is because game guru is so broken the copy I have as of now is only able to run on the editor its self as such if your happy for this projects then please do show your support by sending the gameguru devs a kind and wordy note stating that they need to hurry as you want your fav game to be released other wise please do come and check up once in a while

p.s to jim and sid alpha

if you guys play this game a few things I need to say I love your channel and I am a fan of well somewhat a fan of both of you I like sid alpha more but jim your still great and sorry about the shit devs I hope you can forgive that stuff also I hope you enjoy this content. please do try to be informative if you make a video I have a strict review rule stating if you make a video please be informative as a 50:50 claim will be posted I do not take down videos or take full rev as it is still your videos and I still want you to make and feel happy with my games to break the 50:50 just simply post a sorry video and then give some info of what you think needs changing and what you like to ^_^


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Jul 14, 2017

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