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ok so ill be blunt and im mostly talking to the owners of rpg maker i was using a cracked version of rpg maker to make this project I find the best truth is well truth its self so this is why I'm starting with this I mean no harm when I made this I 1 didn't have the cash as I seem to have a gaming problem when buying games and as well I have some suicidal thoughts so I really was just trying to coup and this was my way at doing so.

with that out of the way

this game was meant to have a crap ton of things I wanted to get into it if it got the funding or even if I could just teach my self on how to do such

its a huge project I started it was meant to have all this

Future Updates List

Lots of Optimizations ----- This is to make sure you get the best gameplay for my rep in the dev world

Full Storeage System ----- This includes all storeage items may look to be unlockable but some may just be not unlockable.

Crafting System ------ This will Include items like healing potions to revive pills to food to give perks or even heal this means all items in the game can be made but will have no chance for some yummy good skills.

New Menu Gui ------ I planed to make the Gui sorta like a Survival Book with the book sounds and with the look and feel with hold it in your hands.

Survival Instincts ------ These will be events which are not restricted to areas these will apear and there is no way out you must fight them unless you have the item they are looking for.

Real Time Based Time System ----- By this i mean time will go by like it was life meaning everything you do doesint matter time will keep going meaning if you are away time keeps going yes you may not be engaged in a event but at the same time you will loss rep and well other stuff unless you send the server a time stop request.

Leveling System ----- I personaly want to make a system for everything from pissing to carrying a rock up a hill every thing in this game matters in some small way shape or form.

and maybe more but it never went anywhere and died off

see with my gaming problem I thought to my self hmm well I love gaming and I love making people learn and make them happy so I wanted to push all the borders both pc and others make you test your own morels just as much as I would have to with making this stuff and I want to move us forward in gaming to make games no one thought possible and to only hire people who I know aint going to be complete dicks as such I started to work to put my time mostly into making this project sadly it never went anywhere and to this day it sits on gamejolt with little to no support and I just want to see if people will like it

anyway all I got to say is thanks if you try it out and please do state your thoughts and if you would like to see this game come true


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